welcome to my twisted sploon

Hello welcome to the main page for all my splatoon nonsense. Basically the index 2.0 of this site to keep

all the brainrot contained.

I love drawing splatoon, making ocs, playing splatoon. I don't consider myself a hardcore competitve player

or anything like that but I do take it seriously enough that I make builds for my weapons. I'm a big fan of

splatlings, the tri-stringer, dynamo, and explosher. I used to be a sploosh main in splat 2 funnily enough.

I am a huuuuuuuge salmon run player though. I'm currently on the grind for the two gold stage badges I'm

missing. (Sockeye and Smokeyard). I've also done a few individual level speedruns. I keep telling myself

to get back into it. I do want to , it's a lot of fun.

I plan to add a bunch of my art here for splatoon. Currently I've only got a couple headshots on the OC

page, but I want to add a proper gallery at some point. You know what would be kind of cool. Makin art for

my different weapon builds. For now though, I'll just keep my builds linked at the top. Along with my

speedrun page.