character thumbnail, august
August Undertow | 25 (DEC 4) | M | Octoling
A dome octoling that escaped to the surface roughly six years ago. He used to be an electrical engineer
before he was transferred to a completely different unit. Scouting duty. He didn't hate it per say but
he missed his previous position. Eventually, like many of the other valley octoling he heard the Calimari Inkantation.
He made his way to the surface right around the time the inklings were throwing the Fork vs Spoon splatfest.
He roughed it on the streets for some time, not knowing much of the language. He managed to scrap by, quickly finding
work at grizzco. Some other octolings he ran into on the surface had shown him the ropes.
Eventually he learned more of the language and managed to land an apprenticeship as an electrician. It had been some
years since he had last been in practice, and he needed to learn the standards and regulations on the surface anyways.

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character thumbnail, caleb
Caleb Lamina | 20 (JUNE 19) | M | Inkling
My stoner squid kid. He's a little shit.
character thumbnail, wendel
Wendel | 23 (FEB 3) | NB | Crayfish
Big nerd. In university for cybersecurity. Runs a minecraft server.